Green Teas from China & Japan - Tasting Event 2/04/2017

by Christopher

Thanks to everyone who attended our green tea comparison tasting event! 

We started the session by giving a brief lesson on how green tea is made, focusing on the primary differences between Japanese and Chinese green teas. Also included was information on various steeping methods for brewing up great tasting green teas as well as tasting techniques so that participants were able to discern even subtle difference between the varying styles of green teas presented.  In all, nine teas were tasted and discussed.

Teas Sampled During Event


  • #32 Bi Luo Chun "Green Snail Spring"
  • #33 Mao Jian "Hairy Peak"
  • #35 Zhucha Gunpowder Pearl
  • #36 Longjing "Dragonwell" Superior (Grade A)


  • #37 Gyokuro "Precious Jade Dew"
  • #38 Premium Sencha
  • Off Menu: Mayucha (2nd Flush, Fukamushi style)
  • #41 Kukicha "Green Twig" made from twig and leaf during sencha production
  • #42 Houjicha "Roasted Twig" (1st Flush), lowest in caffeine, made from Sencha