February 2017 Newsletter

by Christopher

February News from Remedy Teas

Thanks to host, Margaret Larson, and the producers at Seattle's King 5 (NBC affiliate) for featuring Remedy Teas on New Day Northwest, February 25th. We had a blast interacting with you and the audience as we talked about methods and vessels for brewing up great tea!

New Website Launched

On Friday, January 27th, we launched our new website. The site is designed to streamline your online experience with easier navigation, advanced search functionality, bulk discounts, lower minimum purchases, the ability to see your order history, track orders, create wish lists and much more. As one recent customer messaged us: the “New website rocks!!” (Thank you!).

Note that if you previously bookmarked our old site, you may need to create a new bookmark as the old site was divided into two separate URLs and you may not have the correct URL saved. Please find us at www.remedyteas.com. We look forward to your visit!

Tea Tip: Storing Tea

We often get asked: How long can I store my tea? In short, it depends on how it is stored. Here’s a short list of things to increase the storability and freshness of your quality loose leaf tea . . .

  • Protect from light – light will fade tea leaves and ultimately diminish flavor.
  • Protect from heat – room temperature is best. Freezers can dry out leaves while refrigeration introduces moisture. Choose a cupboard located away from appliances to store your tea.
  • Protect from odors – tea readily absorbs odors, so keep your tea packed away in clean, airtight containers, preferably ceramic or metal.

If you buy tea in larger volumes, consider transferring what will be used within a short time period into a smaller container so as to limit the number of times the larger container is opened and exposed to the elements.

Your loose leaf tea can generally last up to a year if stored in ideal conditions.

Harrison Court Remodel Update

Alas, the scaffolding and “tent” have been removed from our building. We are also pleased to announce that construction should wrap up completely by February 10th. It will truly be time for a tea party!

Tasting Event: Seattle's Asian Art Museum

Remedy Teas will host a tasting of several beautiful Japanese green teas at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Saturday, February 25th, 2-4:30 p.m. Admission to the museum will be free that weekend providing guests a chance to visit the space before it closes for a two year long remodel. More details will be posted on our new events page as the date draws closer.